Virgin Wig Hair Care

Caring for our human hair wigs.
The hair will be subjected to daily dirt and grime and will need washing and some TLC.

How to wash

Either use a large container filled with lukewarm water and hold the wig from the cap and carefully swirl around in the water fully submerging the wig. Or hold a shower above the wig, again holding the wig cap and running the water on low to medium pressure downwards from the cap towards the ends.
The hair does not have a natural source of oil deposited as it is not attached to the scalp so shampoo if used too often could strip the hair of moisture. A moisturising conditioner is often enough as it will remove any residue from products you may have used and add moisture back into the hair.
When using shampoo or conditioner always add to the crown and gently work it through the hair to the ends. A wide toothed comb is recommended to gently comb carefully from the cap to the hair ends. No need to rub. Thoroughly rinse. Carefully wrap in a towel to take away some of the excess water but do not rub.

It is best to place your wig on a stand and let it dry naturally.
You can then dry style it with any heated tools i.e. straighteners, curling wands but try not to use heat too often. When you do use heat its important to use a good heat protection spray on the hair.
If you plan to do a blow dry then start when the hair is damp or spray with a fine mist of water first followed by a heat protector..

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.