Our selection of Sheitels

Silk top wefted wigs, Full hand-knotted silk top lace wigs, both can be ventilated with or without silk.
Our talented staff ventilates very natural hairlines at the front and make the top multi-directional giving an option to part the hair anywhere. The silk top gives a very natural parting whilst still giving full hair coverage.

We also produce beautiful full lace hand-knotted wigs with an innovative integrated Swiss lace front which gives the wearer the most natural hairline where the hair looks like it is growing from the scalp.

The full knotted wigs can be literally parted anywhere so a half up half down style can be worn.

Virgin Hair Cambodia

Virgin Hair Sheitels

We manufacture and supply ethically sourced human hair Sheitels. Our 100% virgin remy Cambodian human hair can be traced back to is origin through hair collection teams made up of families spread out throughout Cambodia. Each family covers allocated rural villages and directly contacts the female village elder who arranges a day for them to collect the hair when donors are available. The village elder oversees the collection to ensure fair remuneration is given and donors are left with a favorable hair cut. Recently we where visited at the factory by Rabbi Hartman who is based in Vietnam. He inspected our hair and passed us for a Kosher Certification.

I feel very lucky to have found VHC. I have alopecia and am new to wigs and hair pieces. There is so much information to take in and so much to learn. Thankfully the owner of VHC, Jannie, was there to help me every step of the way in regard to purchasing one of my first pieces. Jannie communicated with me regularly and answered all of my questions and worked with me to create a piece that I can use and enjoy. The final product is gorgeous! The hair is beautiful and I can't wait to style and wear it. It fits perfectly and is so comfortable. One of the most important things to me is that VHC sources hair ethically and supports the women in the community where they are located. I hope anyone reading this will look into the issues around the 'hair industry' and realize what a blessing it is to be able to purchase hair pieces that are not hurting anyone and are in fact helping our sisters in other parts of the world. Bravo VHC!

Annie Wisecarver

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