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Manufacturing and supplying products made with ethically sourced Cambodian human hair.

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Virgin Hair Cambodia

A Virgin Hair Company You Can Trust

Hi. We’re Jannie and Tanya, a mother-daughter team from the UK now living in Cambodia. Our experience in the film industry as hair and makeup stylists led us to step into the hair business.

The hair trade has always been a secretive and shady business plagued with issues concerning the sourcing of human hair, from the abuse of disenfranchised women to shifty merchants selling fake, low-quality products.

Virgin Hair Cambodia was born out of the need for ethically-sourced, high-quality hair in the market.

Manufacturing ethically sourced Cambodian human hair products

Full Hand-knotted Lace Wigs, Wefted Wigs, Sheitel Wigs, Wefts, Silk Tops, Closures, Frontals

100% Virgin Remy Cambodian Hair

At Virgin Hair Cambodia, we only supply the best quality with 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair that hasn’t been chemically treated in any way. It comes in its three original colors: Natural Brown, Black, and Grey and its three original textures: Straight, Wavy, and Curly. We sew and carefully trim our wefts in a special way to give you a much more comfortable fit.
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Know The Hair You Wear


VHC products are all designed by company director Jannie Stax. Jannie has over 20 years’ experience in the film industry as a make-up and hair stylist. Her professional experience and eye for detail is used to guide her talented Cambodian team of ventilators to make beautiful high quality 100% human hair products.

Every wig has a natural front lace hairline made with beautiful healthy Cambodian hair

Full Hand-knotted Lace Wigs

We are experts in ventilating and create a delicate hairline with single Knotts so the hair looks like it is growing straight out of the scalp. We even hide our silk tops by carefully ventilating over the silk edge 1 cm from the front lace. Our 100% Virgin remy Cambodian human hair is healthy and strong and is very suitable to holding a style.
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Ethical Human Hair Sourcing

Where does your hair come from? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting fabulous hair. However, it’s important to understand where it came from. We are committed to ethical human hair sourcing and supporting the women of Cambodia. Purchasing from VHC means you always know exactly where your hair comes from.

Virgin Hair Sheitels

Our Jewish 100% virgin Remy human hair wigs are rabbinically certified making them kosher and fully compliant with all halachic requirements. We specialise in ventilating silk tops where the silk is hidden 1cm back from the front hairline.
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High quality products, great customer experience

We bridge the gap between Asian manufacturing and excellent customer service. We are an English-speaking team and all very hands on during each step of the process. We prioritorise keeping in touch with you , give realistic time frames and are open to your calls at any time.

Operating in Cambodia and the company director Jannie Stax being English is a great advantage to customers. We build confidence with our clients, assuring a great supply of quality products for their business and ultimately the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering Women

Most of our hair providers live in rural areas of Cambodia where women have very little or zero opportunity to earn money. Selling their hair is a way for them to help themselves and their families. We know just how important hair is to every woman. Hair donors can choose to sell any length and get a favorable haircut.

I feel very lucky to have found VHC. I have alopecia and am new to wigs and hair pieces. There is so much information to take in and so much to learn. Thankfully the owner of VHC, Jannie, was there to help me every step of the way in regard to purchasing one of my first pieces. Jannie communicated with me regularly and answered all of my questions and worked with me to create a piece that I can use and enjoy. The final product is gorgeous! The hair is beautiful and I can't wait to style and wear it. It fits perfectly and is so comfortable. One of the most important things to me is that VHC sources hair ethically and supports the women in the community where they are located. I hope anyone reading this will look into the issues around the 'hair industry' and realize what a blessing it is to be able to purchase hair pieces that are not hurting anyone and are in fact helping our sisters in other parts of the world. Bravo VHC!

Annie Wisecarver

Questions and Answers

Why Cambodian Hair?

Cambodian hair has a superior quality to it. It is healthy, strong, and has four natural textures (straight, two waves, curly). It holds its style for longer periods.

What is the most natural looking type of wig?
The most natural looking wigs are made with 100% virgin remy human hair which have been ventilated (hand-knotting) by specialists.
What is Remy Hair?
Remy is cuticle aligned stopping any tangling of the hair product. We cut the hair above the pony tail to keep the hair cuticle aligned (remy) we then respect that hair from sourcing through production.
Are your wigs suitable for customers with Alopecia?
Absolutely, we've specifically designed a natural front hairline look in all of our wigs which are very comfortable to wear.
Is Your Hair Rabbinically certified?

Yes, we manufacture and supply ethically sourced human hair Sheitels. Our 100% virgin remy Cambodian human hair can be traced back to is origin through hair collection teams made up of families spread out throughout Cambodia. Read More

Who do you supply wigs to?

Wig shops (physical and online), Independent resellers (Stylists, Macher, etc.), wholesale distributors, and individual buyers.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
There is no minimum order quantity. We want to provide our products to any buyer without limits.
Do you offer quantity discounts?
We offer same level wholesale pricing to all our customers. Discounts are made on order commitment (quantity/regularity).
What is your typical order fulfillment timeframe?
It varies based on order type and quantity. We provide our customers realistic order completion dates and close communication through the entire process. Typically we fulfil large orders (50-100 wigs) within one month.
Who oversees my order and who do I talk with?
We are an English-speaking team and all very hands on during each step of the process. Our order manager keeps in close touch with you, giving realistic time frames and taking your calls at any time during business hours.
Are your wigs made with HD lace?

No, we use a superior transparent durable lace which is natural, long lasting, and is more suitable for everyday wig wearer.

Do you supply to new businesses?
Absolutely, we are always happy to supply new businesses and support them with product knowledge, logistics, and customer services.
Do you supply raw hair?
No. We believe its a precious Cambodian comodity and out of respect, we choose to manufacturer it within Cambodia into hi-quality products with local employment.
Do you manufacturer men's hair pieces?

No. We decided to specialize in women's hair pieces.

Please contact us to order or make an inquiry.

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