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Our Story & Philosophy

Hair can be one of the most profitable commodities that women in poverty have access to. When individuals in developing countries, such as Cambodia, sell their hair, fair compensation provides months of earnings. Women's participation in the global hair market is able to support local economies and allows struggling populations to provide for their families. 

VHC's Founder, Jannie Stax, saw this opportunity first hand when living in Cambodia with her daughter and grandson. Experienced in the hair and make-up industry, Jannie's vision was to be able to support local women gain a better income and provide high-quality, ethical products to clients. The majority of VHC's hair providers live in rural areas of Cambodia where women have very little opportunity to earn money. Selling their hair is a way for them to help themselves and their families. We know just how important hair is to every woman. Hair donors can choose to sell any length and get a favorable haircut.

Our goal is to bring transparency and integrity to the socially-conscious woman through ethical sourcing of luscious hair. Donors in Cambodia are paid fairly for their tresses and we ensure they are willing to donate, as well as this VHC's partner factory ensures sustainable working conditions as they curate each product for you. 


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