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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Cambodian Hair?
    Cambodian hair has a superior quality to it. It is healthy, strong, and has four natural textures (straight, two waves, curly). It holds its style for longer periods.
  • What is the most natural looking type of wig?
    The most natural looking wigs are made with 100% virgin remy human hair which have been ventilated (hand-knotting) by specialists.
  • What is Remy Hair?
    Remy is cuticle aligned stopping any tangling of the hair product. We cut the hair above the pony tail to keep the hair cuticle aligned (remy) we then respect that hair from sourcing through production.
  • Are your wigs suitable for customers with Alopecia?
    Absolutely, we've specifically designed a natural front hairline look in all of our wigs which are very comfortable to wear.
  • Is Your Hair Rabbinically certified?
    Yes, we manufacture and supply ethically sourced human hair Sheitels. Our 100% virgin remy Cambodian human hair can be traced back to is origin through hair collection teams made up of families spread out throughout Cambodia.
  • Who do you supply wigs to?
    Wig shops (physical and online), Independent resellers (Stylists, Macher, etc.), wholesale distributors, and individual buyers.
  • What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
    There is no minimum order quantity. We want to provide our products to any buyer without limits.
  • Do you offer quantity discounts?
    We offer same level wholesale pricing to all our customers. Discounts are made on order commitment (quantity/regularity).
  • What is your typical order fulfillment timeframe?
    It varies based on order type and quantity. We provide our customers realistic order completion dates and close communication through the entire process. Typically we fulfil large orders (50-100 wigs) within one month.
  • Who oversees my order and who do I talk with?
    We are an English-speaking team and all very hands on during each step of the process. Our order manager keeps in close touch with you, giving realistic time frames and taking your calls at any time during business hours.
  • Are your wigs made with HD lace?
    No, we use a superior transparent durable lace which is natural, long lasting, and is more suitable for everyday wig wearer.
  • Do you supply to new businesses?
    Absolutely, we are always happy to supply new businesses and support them with product knowledge, logistics, and customer services.
  • Do you supply raw hair?
    No. We believe its a precious Cambodian commodity and out of respect, we choose to manufacturer it within Cambodia into hi-quality products with local employment.
  • Do you manufacturer men's hair pieces?
    No. We decided to specialize in women's hair pieces.


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